Hello, there. My name is Meghan. *waves*

I’m a daydreamer who chased my elusive dream to write a novel and now has 185k worth of words. Oops.

Update: The word count is down to 131K! But still many revisions to go.

Currently I’m revising my fantasy novel Oathbreaker. The sequel, Soulshielder, has been put on the shelf for now. And I’m almost finished the First Draft of my romantic sci-fi WIP, Scythes’ Bane, book 1 of what I hope becomes the Scythes of Demyion series.

My TBR pile never ends. I love fantasy (Adult and YA), sci-fi, paranormal/supernatural, romance, nineteenth-century English Literature, and lots of stuff in-between.

Check out my blog for my thoughts on writing and author interviews.

When not writing, you can find me on Twitter @ElusvieStory.

Drop by and say hi! 🙂